The Why and Wherefore

Where You Can Put Your “Free Corn”

Posted on: May 8, 2008

Every now and again, a friend of my mom’s, beset by blind conservatism on all sides, calls me in for backup. Last year some of her neighbors emailed around this piece of garbage, and she wanted something to send back around.

Forthwith, my Bush administration civil liberties cheat sheet. It’s a bit outdated, but sadly the administration remains with us.

There’s basically no substance in the post with which to have a rational argument. The analogy is very poetic but without any actual examples or even references to back it up, it’s entirely pointless. You could very easily switch out ‘liberal socialists’ and put in ‘right-wing fascists’ and the story would make exactly the same kind of sense. This guy doesn’t even specify what the ‘free corn’ is that the ‘liberal socialists’ are offering us. You can’t really argue with someone who’s basically speaking gibberish.

That said, there are a couple of points to be made. 🙂

Re: the Ronald Reagan quote – that one’s pretty funny coming from the man who presided over a considerable expansion of the federal government. If the writer is concerned about loss of freedom, he should consider the following (all verifiable through research, and most publicly confirmed by the Bush administration):

1. The Patriot Act and its abuse by the FBI and the administration (it was used as a loophole for the politically motivated firing of eight US attorneys, which the administration admitted had absolutely nothing to do with fighting terrorism)

2. The government’s illegal wiretapping of American citizens

3. The placement of many American citizens on terrorist watch lists simply for being members of the antiwar movement or openly critical of the administration

4. The indefinite detention of terror suspects and suspension of habeas corpus, which is the right of a prisoner to be seen before a court so as to determine whether or not his/her imprisonment is lawful

5. The administration’s silencing and dismissal of career civil servants in all areas who disagree with its policies, particularly scientists who report on global warming

6. The “reinterpretation” of the Geneva Convention and the administration’s support of torture

7. White House Press Secretary Ari Fleischer’s statement just after 9/11, in response to a comment by Bill Maher, stating that “people need to watch what they say, watch what they do” – in direct conflict with our freedoms as stated in the Bill of Rights

8. Defense Department criminal investigations of peaceful antiwar organizations

9. Its denial of access to journalists who question the administration too aggressively

…and so on. The ‘liberal socialists’ might be infringing on your right to blow secondhand smoke in people’s faces, but trust me, it’s not Pelosi who’s luring you into that fence. Today’s “free corn” is “the war on terror.”

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