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I Am Happy and Sad For You

Posted on: June 4, 2008

Good and bad day, today.

I suppose “bad” may be too strong a word; I do admire Obama and I think he’ll make an excellent candidate, as he has so far, in the general election. I continue to believe that Clinton would have made a better president; I have an ingrained fondness for policy wonks. It frustrates me to see that ‘change’ trumped ‘experience’ in this election, just exactly as it did in 2000. I was sort of hoping that we’d want a change from an administration with zero experience to one with some pretty damn good experience (rather than to one with just some experience).

I am also, of course, sad to see the presidency remain a boys’ club, although happy to see the prospect of it no longer being an old white man’s club. I also think Michelle Obama will be the best thing to happen to the First Lady position since… well, Hillary Clinton.

My mother has already instructed me to stay away from the talking heads on TV who, no doubt, are extra gleeful in dancing on Clinton’s grave now that they know she’s not going to come back this time and eat their brains win another primary. As often happens when someone dies, however, I expect the seething hatred towards her to settle a little, now that the Obamamaniacs are happy.

(Aside: I have to point out that I would not at all expect the reverse to hold true; if Clinton had won the nom fair and square, Obama supporters would have thrown a tantrum of epic proportions and whined all the way to November.)

It’s too early to give up hope altogether, of course; he may still be pressured into choosing her as VP, which could potentially provide 16 of the best and most historic years of the presidency since it began. But many critics think she would make a poor second banana, especially with Bill underfoot, with which I sort of agree. Gosh, wouldn’t it be silly to have the least experienced person on the top of the ticket, with the more experienced person below and a very experienced person shunted off to the side?

I could go on all evening about this but I will soon be off to a birthday party at a drag queen sushi bar. I leave you on a much happier note: Live long and prosper, Mr. and Mr. Takei!

2 Responses to "I Am Happy and Sad For You"

Is the title from “Real Genius”?

And if Obama doesn’t win, oh, the whining and wailing and gnashing of teeth. Which I will participate in, honestly. Because even if you’re a Clinton supporter, the choice between Obama and Zombie McCain…?

Lord help us if there’s demographically slanted voter disenfranchisement that leads to Obama not winning…

Good eye on the title! Real Genius is one of my favorite underrated films.

The Dems will take a hit on the blue collar vote with Obama as the nom, but I don’t think it’ll be enough to overcome general disgust with the Republican party. To which I can only say, over and over again, “I tried to tell you this back in 2000…”

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