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Not About Politics

Posted on: October 13, 2008

And why not, you ask?

Well, that’s really not what’s going on in my brain these days. Every day that Obama’s lead goes up, my butt muscles unclench slightly. I take nothing for granted… but I sure am glad to see that Palin bounce sputtering out. I’ve even gotten over being called a “pseudo-intellectual bimbo” by a TOTAL STRANGER at the end of my first-ever first-class flight.

I made such a strenuous effort to have a polite and thoughtful conversation with my seatmate, who said that Obama scared him because of Louis Farrakhan (WTF???), and at the very end as we’re deplaning, some scary lady in the next aisle busts out with that one after she overhears me praise Bill Clinton’s environmental and economic policies.

OK, maybe I haven’t quite gotten over it (and no, I had no pithy retorts for Crazy Lady. You don’t taunt angry baboons. They will just throw more poo at you). And it was worth it, because I got through to the seatmate by comparing gay marriage to interracial marriage. I could see the light bulb go on!

OK, maybe this post is just a TEENY bit about politics. But I’m done now. Really.

OK, maybe just one link.

I’ve actually had my head buried in the sands falling leaf piles of the Southeast as I train for my exciting new job! Farewell, corporate America. Hello, two-person startup. La la la, job security. Will be working from home on Ye Olde Weste Coaste in the future, but need some intensive (and super-intense!) training first.

Also, getting married. It was fun to plan until I actually started budgeting. Fiance, very understanding, requires only a pile of chocolate eclairs for his groom’s cake. And some spanakopita. Oh, and a Parthenon-shaped wedding cake. All else, up to me.

Impending brides and grooms, buy this book. No, I am not getting a kickback from the author, but had I not spotted it in a used bookstore, fiance would still be referred to as boyfriend. It helped us work through a lot of our Issues in Regards to This Big Decision. Also it says it’s OK to be terrified from time to time. Huzzah!

So, new job, new engagement, Hippolyte’s head a’splode. But she will mop up and commit to posting every week, because why else is she taking up WordPress’s bandwidth with that silly fake-Simpsonized picture?

Wow, I just realized that this post uses up all three of my categories. Meta.

2 Responses to "Not About Politics"

They let baboons on planes these days? Only if they aren’t carrying sharp objects, right?

Stupid pseudo-civilized baboons.

How’s the Right Coast? Let me know if you need/want to talk over or vent or play the “is it better to A or B” game of wedding planning. I can’t promise any actual useful advice, but extra ears are incredibly important during the planning process.

Oh my yes, that would be lovely. My mom and I are basically making this up as we go along. 🙂

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