The Why and Wherefore

America Wins. California Loses.

Posted on: November 5, 2008

On a day when even states like Virginia and Florida turned their backs on bigotry and prejudice, California has kept it alive and well with the passage of Proposition 8 (nearly assured at this point, with 95% of precincts reporting). Discrimination against gays and lesbians will now be written into the state constitution.

On a day when I should be rejoicing, or at least more cheerfully nursing my hangover, I am so ashamed of my state. I’m ashamed of the 52% of the CA population who clearly have no shame themselves, sucking up out-of-state Mormon propaganda and imposing their hateful beliefs on the civil rights of an entire state.

I can hardly imagine how many people in California proudly cast a ballot yesterday for our nation’s first biracial president and then turned around and voted to strip their neighbors of fundamental constitutional rights. I’m sure they did so without noting the irony that Obama’s parents’ marriage would once have been illegal, for basically the same reasons that gay marriage is illegal today: the ick factor disguised as religious zealotry.

So thanks, Mormon church propagandists, for ruining California’s constitution by pretending that your religious beliefs are somehow more important than civil rights. It’s also kind of ironic that the LDS church is such a believer in “one man, one woman”… I guess there’s no bigot zealot like a convert.

UPDATE: In a sad irony that was predicted by a few perceptive pundits last month, it does appear that the overwhelming minority turnout in CA, which in all other respects is a wonderful thing, probably put the nail in the coffin due to the very low support for gay rights in the African-American community.

It is tragic that this group, so recently victims of completely legal discrimination in this area, has chosen to perpetuate the cycle this year. It puts a dark cloud over this otherwise bright, sunshiny day.

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