The Why and Wherefore

…Made It.

Posted on: January 19, 2009

Eight years ago, I was already twitchy in my first job out of college, and was waiting to hear back from Georgetown about grad school. I’d gotten so caught up in the hideous aftermath of the 2000 elections that I thought DC would be a great place for a burgeoning political junkie like myself, even if I had to put up with a moron in office.

Four years and a couple months ago, I cried the morning after the election, when Kerry conceded Ohio. Then I packed up my U-Haul, after four generally excellent years in DC despite the criminally dangerous mental case in charge.

I moved back to the San Francisco Bay Area, seeking to reinvent myself. Rather like the country itself, I spent most of the Bush era struggling through a second (come to think of it, perhaps a first) adolescence. I bounced around among jobs, identities and men, trying to find the life I wanted.

Today, ladies and gentlemen, most of us have survived the Bush administration, with the tragic exception of thousands of servicemembers and scores of thousands of Iraqis.

As for me, I’ve left my corporate job to join a startup–and who knew it would turn out to be the safer option, after a round of layoffs? I’m staring 30 in the face without too many problems; the economy’s taking a bite out of all of us, but I’m keeping local merchants afloat with my impending nuptials. (Spending money is Bush-era patriotism, I know, but it’ll take some time to adjust, and the gown was on sale…)

Today I have a partner by my side for whom I’m grateful every single day, and a company whose success or failure depends in large part on me.

I’m too much of a “realist” to expect constant rainbows and butterflies from the next eight years, personally, professionally or nationally. I don’t expect anything to be smooth sailing from here on out just because I’m about to be married, well-employed and a member of the ruling political party.

But with the judicious application of intelligence, hard work, love and commitment, I expect some things to change around here.

Here goes, America!

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