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Public Service Announcement: Avoid the Knot

Posted on: March 26, 2009

All you impending brides out there (and no, I’m not sure if a bride can be “impending,” but I like the way it sounds), listen up. Learn from my mistakes, grasshopper. Don’t just choose the first wedding website you find because it’s big and well-known, and then get stuck with its incredibly sub-par planning and management tools. And by ‘get stuck,’ I mean, ‘send everyone there to RSVP, so you can’t move your page.’

Reasons to avoid

  • Worst URL ever for your wedding webpage: When you are marrying someone with a polysyllabic surname, this is just useless. Thankfully my fiance offered a redirect from his own site, with a much simpler URL.
  • Crap budgeter. Most online wedding budgeters calculate a certain percentage of your budget to be spent on food, flowers, whatever. If you spend more or less than that in any one category, a good calculator will automatically re-budget each other category, distributing the remaining budget according to that same percentage. But once you’ve told the Knot how much you spent in Category X, that becomes the final number, and it adjusts nothing. You don’t even get to see how far under or over budget you are in any category; it just tells you how much money, total, is left over.
  • No tracking of guest options. The Knot offers you a chance to give your guests options to choose from when they RSVP (like, say, chicken or fish for the entree, or in my case, whether or not they are attending a party the night before). When your guests RSVP, you are sent an email telling you which option they’ve chosen–and that is your only chance to track it. There is nowhere else in the guest manager to see how many guests have chosen option A and how many have chosen option B. I’ve been forced to ask my fiance to keep a separate spreadsheet, which sort of defeats the purpose of tracking this all in one place.
  • Ghost guests. Not all of us can afford to add ‘and guest’ to our wedding invitations. Yes, some people have been invited alone. But guess how many email addresses are required when a single guest RSVPs?
  • Wedding website downgrade. What a fool I was to accept their offer of a “free upgrade” to their new wedding webpage system, which now puts weird white space around my images and uses teensy fonts that you can’t resize.
  • Worst customer service ever. When the Knot customer service team eventually bothers to get back to you, the first thing they do is send you a link to the completely inadequate Help Center on the website. If you’re really special, they will take the time to copy and paste instructions that do not relate to your question. When you patiently explain that they have not remotely answered or even addressed your problem, after a few more days they will offer you another non-answer and thank you kindly for your feedback.

You’re welcome, jackasses!

1 Response to "Public Service Announcement: Avoid the Knot"

Dude. All weaksauce, no catfish.

I think we only had a link to the Knot so if people lost details/directions/maps, they could look them up again.

We never used that budgeter or invite tracker. Which both sound weaker than an over-boiled ramen noodle. We just Excel’d the hell out of everything.

Has anyone who’s ever planned a wedding EVER been hired to work at the Knot? Crappy web design with poor help? For crazed spouses-to-be? Are they TRYING to get fish in the mail?

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