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I have to admit, I never thought I would see the day when gay marriage was legal in Iowa before it was legal in California.

I am simultaneously pleased and embarrassed.

My favorite line from the LA Times article:

According to the Des Moines Register article linked above, Iowa requires more than the momentary populist backlash [emphasis mine] needed in California to put a law beyond judicial review by passing a constitutional amendment.

It reminds me of an article written by a famous architectural critic about the building of the de Young in San Francisco. The comment was about SF politics, but applies in these circumstances as well – he described the process as one that values pique over all other forms of input.

Democracy, mob rule. Have we lost the distinction here?

All you impending brides out there (and no, I’m not sure if a bride can be “impending,” but I like the way it sounds), listen up. Learn from my mistakes, grasshopper. Don’t just choose the first wedding website you find because it’s big and well-known, and then get stuck with its incredibly sub-par planning and management tools. And by ‘get stuck,’ I mean, ‘send everyone there to RSVP, so you can’t move your page.’

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Yes, it’s the first week of spring, but I’ll tell you what really makes me feel refreshed and renewed:

A little reminder that the good guys are in charge now.

I know the economy hasn’t exactly climbed out of its hidey-hole, but this kind of thing sure puts a spring in my step.


So what, now I’m supposed to go out on Friday nights now, or something?

Well, maybe not just yet.

Yes, I have been in a wedding- and work-induced hibernation for nearly two months. But boy do I fit into that dress. (So far.)

And what could nudge me back to the surface better than the best interview Jon Stewart has ever done?

Now, I have worshiped at the TDS altar ever since Indecision 2000, waaay back in the day. I have been mightily impressed with Jon & Co. for many years; I particularly remember an excellent interview in which he handed John Bolton his ass.

Last night, however, I feel that the man stepped into Mike Wallace territory. If you haven’t enjoyed already, please do so.

Eight years ago, I was already twitchy in my first job out of college, and was waiting to hear back from Georgetown about grad school. I’d gotten so caught up in the hideous aftermath of the 2000 elections that I thought DC would be a great place for a burgeoning political junkie like myself, even if I had to put up with a moron in office. Read the rest of this entry »

So who needs blogging when you’re spending two weeks digesting the Christmas ham?

Today, however, I’ve been pulled out of my ham-, wedding- and work-induced zombie state to bring you this valuable public service announcement instruction.

Go here.

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And why not, you ask?

Well, that’s really not what’s going on in my brain these days. Every day that Obama’s lead goes up, my butt muscles unclench slightly. I take nothing for granted… but I sure am glad to see that Palin bounce sputtering out. I’ve even gotten over being called a “pseudo-intellectual bimbo” by a TOTAL STRANGER at the end of my first-ever first-class flight.

I made such a strenuous effort to have a polite and thoughtful conversation with my seatmate, who said that Obama scared him because of Louis Farrakhan (WTF???), and at the very end as we’re deplaning, some scary lady in the next aisle busts out with that one after she overhears me praise Bill Clinton’s environmental and economic policies.

OK, maybe I haven’t quite gotten over it (and no, I had no pithy retorts for Crazy Lady. You don’t taunt angry baboons. They will just throw more poo at you). And it was worth it, because I got through to the seatmate by comparing gay marriage to interracial marriage. I could see the light bulb go on!

OK, maybe this post is just a TEENY bit about politics. But I’m done now. Really.

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Well, I am long overdue for a post of any kind, but I plead at least half a dozen good excuses. After coming home from a two-week vacation overseas, giving notice at my job, dealing with the dismantling of my bathroom (leak from upstairs) and the death of our refrigerator, and getting engaged, thankfully I’ve had a few things to distract me from the monstrous political sideshow that is Sarah Palin. Read the rest of this entry »

A colleague of mine forwarded me this Guardian article the other day, and I was so repeatedly horrified that I feel I have to borrow a page from Sadly, No!‘s playbook and really take this one apart a piece at a time. Get settled in, this is a long one.

Time Warp Wives

Now, this article is designed as something of a playful entertainment piece — look at these funny women and the lengths they go to for realism! But this ain’t no year-round Ren Faire, my friends. It doesn’t take much to detect some very deeply disturbing undertones to this behavior — not to mention an incredibly willful disregard for reality. Read the rest of this entry »