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Boy, November seems to have gotten away from me. Up to my ears in a new job and a freelance job on the side, plus packing up the apartment for a temporary move and, you know, that whole wedding planning nonsense. But despite my despondency regarding Prop 8, it seems the holiday season has started early this year (and I don’t just mean the ads). We’ve got all kinds of shiny under the tree already! Read the rest of this entry »

On a day when even states like Virginia and Florida turned their backs on bigotry and prejudice, California has kept it alive and well with the passage of Proposition 8 (nearly assured at this point, with 95% of precincts reporting). Discrimination against gays and lesbians will now be written into the state constitution.

On a day when I should be rejoicing, or at least more cheerfully nursing my hangover, I am so ashamed of my state. I’m ashamed of the 52% of the CA population who clearly have no shame themselves, sucking up out-of-state Mormon propaganda and imposing their hateful beliefs on the civil rights of an entire state. Read the rest of this entry »

I live in California, and I’m getting married next year. My fiance is a man. So, this is not a problem, regardless of what happens on Nov. 4.

But for lots of my friends, colleagues and fellow citizens, the turnout of religious fundamentalists to vote against equality could doom their chances of getting legally married in their home state. Read the rest of this entry »

A dramatic reading of a Wasilla town meeting.

*Totally* prepares you for leading the free world.

Although, come to think of it, I bet Bush meetings are like this too, only without the penny-pinching.

And why not, you ask?

Well, that’s really not what’s going on in my brain these days. Every day that Obama’s lead goes up, my butt muscles unclench slightly. I take nothing for granted… but I sure am glad to see that Palin bounce sputtering out. I’ve even gotten over being called a “pseudo-intellectual bimbo” by a TOTAL STRANGER at the end of my first-ever first-class flight.

I made such a strenuous effort to have a polite and thoughtful conversation with my seatmate, who said that Obama scared him because of Louis Farrakhan (WTF???), and at the very end as we’re deplaning, some scary lady in the next aisle busts out with that one after she overhears me praise Bill Clinton’s environmental and economic policies.

OK, maybe I haven’t quite gotten over it (and no, I had no pithy retorts for Crazy Lady. You don’t taunt angry baboons. They will just throw more poo at you). And it was worth it, because I got through to the seatmate by comparing gay marriage to interracial marriage. I could see the light bulb go on!

OK, maybe this post is just a TEENY bit about politics. But I’m done now. Really.

OK, maybe just one link. Read the rest of this entry »

Just back from vacation, and boy are my knickers in a twist about Sarah Palin. Until I have a chance to write a longer post, please enjoy (or maybe you won’t) this brilliant piece by Rebecca Traister of In fact, once you’ve read hers, I probably don’t need to bother posting at all.

Zombie Feminists of the RNC

Yesterday was a semi-historic day, as Susan Faludi depressingly pointed out in the NY Times. On the 88th anniversary of the 19th Amendment, which gave women the right to vote, Hillary Clinton took the podium at the DNC Convention to basically give a second concession speech.

All week, the media has been flogging the PUMA movement and waiting desperately to see if Clinton will somehow disrupt the convention with some kind of power grab, despite the fact that she has been nothing but gracious and enthusiastic for Obama since she suspended her campaign.

Powerful women. They’re so scary, aren’t they?

A friend of mine emailed me wanting to know why this was such a painful moment for Clinton voters everywhere. Actually, he Twittered me, but I realized there was no way I could answer in 140 characters. 🙂

My answer: Read the rest of this entry »

In reading Salon’s fantastic article defending the casual hookup (particularly from the women’s perspective), a friend of mine pointed out the jaw-dropping abstinence slogan “There’s No Condom for the Heart.” Forthwith, a collaboration with my dear friend Pants, in promoting additional slogans for the movement:

10. Don’t Have Sex: You’re Probably Not That Good At It

9. The Best Birth Control is Shame

8. God is Watching, and He Says You’re Doing It Wrong

7. That’s Not What We Mean By “Missionary”

6. Who Would Jesus Do? Not You. Or Anyone. But Especially Not You.

5. Christ Didn’t Die for Our Sins So You Could Settle for a 6

4. We Protect the Unborn, But After That You’re On Your Own [with apologies to George Carlin]

3. Go F**k Yourself. But You Didn’t Hear That From Me.

2. Sex Ed? Don’t Ask, Because We Won’t Tell.

And the number one best new abstinence slogan we could come up with:

1. If God Wanted You to Get Pregnant, He’d Do It Himself

CA bans trans fats. I’m going to Disneyland McDonald’s!

(I mean, someone has to keep them from going under.)

Obama: Berlin.

McCain: Schmidt’s Sausage Haus und Restaurant, Columbus, Ohio.

Note to McCain: the common-man act worked like a charm in ’04, but I suspect most voters today would rather have someone who can handle the Brandenburg Gate than someone who’ll share a stein with ’em.

I hope.

P.S. Still-president Bush: Claiming neutrality, bans federal employees from attending Obama’s speech. Good job there, President Switzerland.